Why Olli?

Olli vehicle overhead view

We are moving toward a culture of mobility.

A growing smart city of the future requires that transportation gets smarter than merely a network of roads for single occupancy riders.

Driving should be far less dangerous.

Human error accounts for 94% of all accidents. Accidents that are increasingly costly and unnecessary.

We lose an entire WEEK of our time each year

That’s 168 hours of our life, gone down the tube. Or actually down the street. Unless we do something, jammed highways and congested roads will be an even larger part of our future.

Transportation has the potential to serve all communities.

People with mobility challenges are poorly served by current mass transit. And we feel mobility only works well if it works for all of us.

Imagine a better made tomorrow.

We use smaller factories with less waste by leveraging digital manufacturing techniques which result in less demand for roads and parking infrastructure. That means more greenspace and a better environment for all.

Say it with us: Multi-modal.

We’re not saying we are THE solution but we are definitely part of the solution. Transportation must feature many different modalities, all working together seamlessly. Olli happily plays well with others.